Ms HO, Ka Man Carman    何嘉敏 女士
Lecturer I
Department of Early Childhood Education
(852) 2948 7585
(852) 2948 7160
10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong
Research Outputs

Creative and Literary Works, Consulting Reports and Case Studies
Authored play, poem, novel, story
何嘉敏、何蘭生、鄺碧英、吳炎婷、徐佩怡、林潔兒、鄭卡娜、曹嘉怡、陳麗芳、靜宜和鍾善鈴 (2022)。 鐵路上的粉紅救兵。 ReadyHK2022。香港
何嘉敏、戴子盈、蔡瑩燕、朱碧儀、林健欣、余仲晞、靜宜和鍾善鈴 (2022). 抗疫超人大作戰. ReadyHK2022. 香港
何嘉敏、李惠敏、陳敏莉、譚潔瑩、黃潔心、岑子婷、靜宜和鍾善鈴 (2022)。 火場上的勇敢徽章。 ReadyHK2022。香港
何嘉敏、黎芷君、高嘉寶、杜盈、周漢敏、蘇靉君、黎曉韻、梁芷菁、靜宜和鍾善鈴 (2022)。 暴雨來的那一天。 ReadyHK2022。香港

All Other Outputs
Other outputs
何嘉敏、鍾善鈴和林偉雄 (2022)。 「幼稚園推行防災教育課程的成效與挑戰」研究報告 Programme-Based Research on Disaster Education in Action: The effects and challenges in Hong Kong Kindergarten Settings。


Examining the Effectiveness of iFeedback in Teaching Supervision across Different Teaching Programmes
The project aims to build capacity amongst field work supervisors through using innovative technology and practices during their onsite coaching for students from various pre-service teacher training programmes. This research revealed the effectiveness of using technology-supported agent to improve the student teachers's self-efficacy in terms of their skills on student engagement, instructional strategies and classroom management.
Project Start Year: 2017, Principal Investigator(s): WONG YAU HO, PAUL 黃有豪 (HO, Ka Man Carman 何嘉敏 as Co-Principal Investigator)