Dr LI, King Yue Philbert    李璟輿 博士
Lecturer II
Department of Cultural and Creative Arts
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10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong

The Wheel of Emotions in NFT Musicking
Listening to music is a unique experience we can rarely encounter in daily life. There are so much we can communicate directly and spontaneously in a music event. It is an interactive moment of cultural and emotional exchange. With the new NFT Musicking model and “web3” technology, the creativity and communication skills of the students will be enhanced through exploring different aspects of musical emotions. Five commissioned pieces will be composed by distinguish composers and student-composers from different countries. They will be recorded, rehearsed, and performed with “web3” technology. Interface technology will be used to collect affective responses from the audience. These responses will be shown visually and audibly correspond with the music to form a cross-medium collaboration by four stakeholder groups (i.e., composers, performers, art technicians, and audience).

This project is the sequel of the Faculty Funding Support project, Non-Fungible Token Musicking (NFTM). It is in a learner-centered project-based teaching and learning design, including a series of teaching and learning activities across seven courses from undergraduate level to postgraduate level and professional development programmes for in-service music peers. The project comprises five phases. Phase One, Preparation and Development, begins from team building, project planning, to internal “web3” training for colleagues. Phase Two, Pilot Implementation, contains seminars in four topics covering Meta-composition, Meta-performance, “web3” application, and security and ethics issues in Metaverse for pre-service teachers from the pilot group. The effectiveness of the VTL activities and the new NFT Musicking model will be evaluated for refinement of the project. Phase Three, Full-scale Implementation, includes the complete implementation of the refined project for participants from the selected courses. Concurrent with the VTL activities, class observation will be conducted for further analysis.
Phase Four, Evidence Data Collection and Evaluation, includes survey of students’ creativity by using Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT), focus group interview, and analysis of the students’ Meta-musicking projects. The effectiveness and impact of the project will be evaluated. Phase Five, Dissemination and Publication, concludes the TDG project by sharing the project findings with sister universities and partnership associations, and preparing for publications and project grants.

This project is expected to bring impacts on immersive music education. With the help of “web3” technology, it uplifts the degree of collaboration between four correlative stakeholders in the immersive music production without geographic restriction. It also enriches participants’ virtual teaching and learning experience, creativity, communication skills, and global perspectives.

Project Start Year: 2023, Principal Investigator(s): LI, King Yue, Philbert

Non-Fungible Token Musicking (NFTM)
Non-Fungible Token (NFT), Metaverse, and immersive education are trending terms. Although technology is frequently used in music notation and stereo audio recording, however, there is no professional training of "web3" technologies on their application, pedagogy, security, and ethics issues in music education. Additionally, the definition of work in the modern world is still being developed. The original composition (i.e., music score) in the modern day is just a Portable Document Format (PDF) file, which has no method to give the PDF a unique identity. On the other hand, the decision-making of performers interpretation in music activities has always been ignored. There is no systematic way to document the artistic decision of their music performance. Their creative contribution is undervalued

This project is expected to bring impacts on immersive music education. Innovative application of "web3" technologies, immersive listening experience, and new composition and performance practices will be explored. It includes a series of five phases of learner-centred teaching and learning activities across seven music courses and three music performance groups under the Music Skills Enhancement Scheme hosted by the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts. A user manual of NFT Musicking will be created for the continuous development of the project.

Project Start Year: 2022, Principal Investigator(s): LEUNG, Chi Hin (LI, King Yue, Philbert as Co-Investigator)