Dr WONG, So Lan   黃素蘭
Senior Lecturer II
Department of Cultural and Creative Arts
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Selected Output

Scholarly Books, Monographs and Chapters
黃素蘭(2007):創意── 聯想,輯於黃素蘭、劉仲嚴編《創造‧故事‧社區》,(頁1-10),香港,香港美術教育協會。

Journal Publications
黃素蘭(2006):視覺藝術科的「課堂學習研究── 學與教的新文化,《《教育學報》第34期第2卷》,頁47-72。

Conference Papers
Wong, S. L. (2008, July). Teachers' and students' perception on portfolio learning and assessment. Paper presented at the 32nd inSEA World Congress, Osaka, Japan.

Creative and Literary Works, Consulting Reports and Case Studies
Wong, S. L. (2009). Video shooting of the chief executive's award for teaching excellence - Comment Mr Yeung Sau Churk's teaching(2). Hong Kong.
Wong, S. L. (2009). Video shooting of the chief executive's award for teaching excellence - Comment Mr Leung Sung Yum's teaching(1). Hong Kong.

All Other Outputs
Wong, S. L. (2008). External examiner, Comprehensive review of Hong Kong University Graduate Association primary school. Hong Kong.
Wong, S. L. (2008). Reviewer of journal article, Development of design education in Hong Kong: The need to nurture the problem finding capability of design students. Hong Kong.
Wong, S. L. (2005). Reviewer of manuscript, Theoretical Framework of Art Museum Education. Hong Kong.


Provision of Advisory Service for the Adaptation of Learning Objectives for the Visual Arts Curriculum (P1-S3) for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
In order to keep abreast of local and global changes in education and to take into consideration of the learning needs of students with intellectual disabilities (ID), the project will revise, modify and adapt the learning objectives of the Two Strands of Visual Arts Learning set out in the Arts Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 - Secondary 67) (2017) for forming and adapted visual arts curriculum framework at the primary and junior secondary levels for students with ID.
Project Start Year: 2020, Principal Investigator(s): TAM, Cheung On 譚祥安 (WONG, So Lan 黃素蘭 as Co-Investigator)
VAECD Project: An Art-focused STEAM Education
The project to enable pre-service teachers from VA and STEM disciplines to: 1. learn the art-focused STEAM education concept; 2. design STEAM teaching units for primary and secondary school students; 3. write STEAM teaching materials; 4. disseminate the concept of STEAM education with teaching materials
Project Start Year: 2020, Principal Investigator(s): WONG, So Lan 黃素蘭
Visualization and Concretization of Creative Thinking Through Online STEAM Teaching
The project focuses on the interdisciplinary approach to STEAM education and visualization of creative thinking methods through online / blended learning. In order to enhance student-teachers mastery of creative thinking in STEAM teaching, the project team invited 2 primary and 2 secondary school teachers responsible for developing STEAM education in their schools to participate in this project to help reach the following objectives: (i) develop creative STEAM teaching through design thinking p . . .
Project Start Year: 2020, Principal Investigator(s): WONG, So Lan 黃素蘭
VAECD - School-based Services Learning Scheme: Leading Students into School Communities
Through service learning, this project will provide a context in secondary or primary schools for the HKIEd's Visual Arts students to identify and develop teaching and learning strategies from/for the school teachers based on the mutual beneficial experiences. As the keystone of service-learning pedagogy is reflection, VA students and the school teachers will work together on understanding the requirements and characteristics of schools. Reflection exchange between all parties will also be invol . . .
Project Start Year: 2010, Principal Investigator(s): WONG, So Lan 黃素蘭
A Study of Pre-service Teachers’ Professional Development through their Participation in ‘A Street in Hong Kong’ Art Education Project
This research aims to understand the experience of pre-service teachers participating in a community-based art education project, to improve the curriculum of pre-service teachers in community-based art education, to evaluate the community art project ‘A street in Hong Kong’ in terms of enhancing pre-service teachers’ learning, and to develop a collaborative model for the Hong Kong Institute of Education, schools and artists for future implementation.
Project Start Year: 2008, Principal Investigator(s): NG Heung Sang Anita (WONG So Lan as Co-Investigator)
Exhibition and Seminar on Portfolio Learning and Assessment in Senior Secondary Visual Arts Subject
While senior secondary visual arts subject has adopted portfolio assessment as a requirement of public examination, the process of using criteria to assess portfolios and facilitate learning remains unclear. I believe that if we can provide concrete examples and scenarios for our BEd/PGDE(S) and MEd(VA) students to discuss with, it might help them to enhance the level of knowledge and abilities in portfolio teaching and assessment. On the other hand, organize an exhibition related to senior se . . .
Project Start Year: 2008, Principal Investigator(s): WONG So Lan
Portfolio Use for Learning and Assessment in Senior Secondary VA Subject
This is an exploratory research using both qualitative and quantitative research methods to investigate portfolio use for learning and assessment in VA subject. According to the examination change in VA subject, the researcher would like to know teachers’ and students’ perception on portfolio learning and assessment, and how teachers interpret and implement the portfolio guidelines that are provided by HKEAA to help students learn better. VA teachers and students from high, medium and low band . . .
Project Start Year: 2008, Principal Investigator(s): WONG So Lan
“The New Culture of Learning and Teaching” in the Subject of Visual Arts ─ Lessons Learned from Teaching Design, Practice, Lesson Analysis and Reflection
The Education Bureau believes that “only with the support of government policies, enhancement of teachers’ professionalism, active participation by parents, and the support form society, a new culture of learning and teaching can then be evolved to bring about real changes in classrooms and to create a wider learning space for students to develop their potential” (CDC, 2000, p.11). However, some of our VA students have stated that they failed to change their role in their Block Practice [BP]. . . .
Project Start Year: 2008, Principal Investigator(s): WONG So Lan
Exhibition and Seminar on the Pilot Test Scheme of New Senior Secondary Examination in Visual Arts
The applicants have been invited by HKEAA to conduct a Pilot Test Scheme of NSS in the examination of the visual arts subject. To disseminate the findings of the study, we have got the approval of the HKEAA’s to hold a seminar at HKIED and an exhibition showing the scripts (paintings and design) at the CAPE Art Gallery. The objectives of the project are as follows: 1)  Let our BEd(S) students as a concrete examples of the curriculum and assessment change of NSS in the VA subject; 2) Train our . . .
Project Start Year: 2007, Principal Investigator(s): WONG So Lan
Professional Development Programme for the Support of New Senior Secondary Visual Arts Curriculum (2006-2007)
The professional development programme is to help in-service Visual Arts teachers meet the changes of curriculum and implement the New Senior Secondary Visual Arts in schools. Specifically, the programme focuses on strengthening visual arts learning and teaching through integrating visual arts appreciation and criticism, and visual arts making. The programme will explore various learning and teaching strategies to help students build their own portfolio through searching and researching material . . .
Project Start Year: 2006, Principal Investigator(s): TAM Cheung On (WONG So Lan as Co-Investigator)
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