Ms TANG, Hau Yu Christine    鄧巧孺 女士
Senior Lecturer II
Department of Psychology
Associate Member
Centre for Psychosocial Health
(852) 2948 7734
10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong
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溫麗妍、陳詠欣和鄧巧孺 (2017)。 愉快實習:自我裝備天書。香港: 香港教育大學。
Chapter in an edited book (author)
鄧巧孺 (2019)。 <抗逆力>。輯於石美寶、李子建和姚偉梅編, 《迎接未來的四大能力- 家長與孩子一起踏上成功之路》 (頁 86-96)。香港: 中華書局(香港) 有限公司。

Conference Papers
Refereed conference paper
Tang, H.Y.C. (2016, July). Hong Kong Chinese vs. Mainland Chinese: Group Interactions, Perceptions, and Prejudice in Higher Education. 23rd International Conference on Learning, Vancouver, Canada.
Other conference paper
Tang, H. Y. (2014, May). The psychosocial impact of acculturation on the subjective well-being of first-year mainland chinese undergraduate students in Hong Kong. Paper presented at 2014 ISIS-PARIS International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference, Paris, France.


Applying E-learning to Facilitate Students’ Self-learning of Basic Psychology
Project Start Year: 2019, Principal Investigator(s): TANG, Hau Yu Christine 鄧巧孺, WAN, Lai Yin Sarah 溫麗妍
Positive and Caring Campus @ Jockey Club Ti-I College
The project aims at enriching teachers, students and parents' knowledge and deepen their understanding in mental health issues through taking the Youth Mental Health First Aid Course and other related workshops, as well as other activities at Jockey Club Ti-I College. The research aims at investigating if these course, workshops and activities indeed have enriched their mental health knowledge.
Project Start Year: 2018, Principal Investigator(s): TANG, Hau Yu Christine 鄧巧孺
Enhancing Students’ Capacity to Cope with Challenges by Using Strength-Based Approach
This project aims to enhance students’ capacity to cope with challenges in FE/internship through building the character strengths of gratitude, hope, perseverance, and self-regulation in students.
Project Start Year: 2017, Principal Investigator(s): CHAN, Wing Yan Arita 陳詠欣 (TANG, Hau Yu Christine 鄧巧孺 as Co-Investigator)
Enhancing Students' Personal and Psychosocial Development with Self-learning Kit: A Positive Education Approach
This project aims at developing a self-learning kit on personal and psychosocial development for students’ preparation of their Field Experience (FE) and internships. Four aspects in personal development are identified in particular which are emotional management, social relationships and communication, leadership, and self-understanding and self-esteem, according to the feedback received from internship providers, teachers and students. The learning kit will be designed taking into account the feedback collected from the collaborating partners who offer fieldwork experience placements and internship opportunities, enhancement of student learning outcomes of FE and internships, and adoption of the positive education approach (Norrish, Williams, O’Connor, & Robinson, 2013). Activities such as self-assessments, case studies, knowledge/skill enrichment exercises, reflections and mini-quizzes will be included in the kit for each aspect.
Project Start Year: 2016, Principal Investigator(s): WAN, Lai Yin Sarah 溫麗妍, CHAN, Wing Yan Arita 陳詠欣, TANG, Hau Yu Christine 鄧巧孺
Social prejudice on campus: The role of mass and social media on Hong Kong students’ prejudice
This project aims to investigate the influence of mass media and social media on the relationship between local Hong Kong students and Mainland students in tertiary education in Hong Kong. In particular we would like to find out how Hong Kong students are affected by the portrayal of mainland visitors/immigrants by the media, which could lead to the development of prejudice or even discrimination against mainland students in Hong Kong. We believe the attitudes of the Hong Kong students are mainly affected by the mass media and social media, and these prejudices affected mainland students’ adaptation to the new environment. This study will give us implications on how the prejudices of Hong Kong students develop; future research can thus focus on how to combat the prejudice between Hong Kong students and Mainland students in Hong Kong.
Project Start Year: 2014, Principal Investigator(s): TANG, Hau Yu, Christine 鄧巧孺