Dr CHAN, Wai Lan Winnie    陳偉蘭 博士
Assistant Professor
Department of Special Education and Counselling
(852) 2948 8303
(852) 2948 7794
10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong
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Journal Publications
Chan, J. W. Y., & Chan, W. W. L (2023). Examining the learning effects of concrete and abstract materials among university students using a two-dimensional approach. British Journal of Educational Psychology, ., .-.. https://doi.org/10.1111/bjep.12619
Tam, Y. P, Chan, W. W. L. (2022). The differential relations between sub-domains of spatial abilities and mathematical performance in children. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 71 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cedpsych.2022.102101
Cheung, S. K., Chan, W. W. L., & Fong, R. W.‑T. (2022). Parents’ perfectionistic tendencies and children’s early numeracy competence: The mediating roles of children’s executive functions and numeracy interest. European Journal of Psychology of Education https://doi.org/10.1007/s10212-022-00640-x
Chan, W. W. L., Au, T. K., & Tang, J. (2014). Strategic counting: A novel assessment of place-value understanding. Learning and Instruction, 29, 78-94.


Children Learning Mathematics from Examples
Project Start Year: 2023, Principal Investigator(s): CHAN, Wai Lan, Winnie
Home Numeracy and Early Math Learning
Project Start Year: 2019, Principal Investigator(s): CHAN, Wai Lan, Winnie
Public and Affiliate Stigma of Autism Spectrum Disorder in DSM-5
Departmental Research Grant
Project Start Year: 2014, Principal Investigator(s): CHAN, Ka Shing Kevin 陳家承 (CHAN WAI LAN, WINNIE 陳偉蘭 as Co-Investigator)
The Relationship between Spatial Representation of Numbers and Early Numerical Understanding
This study investigates how children represent numbers in terms of space, and whether such representation relates to numerical understanding.
Project Start Year: 2014, Principal Investigator(s): CHAN, Wai Lan Winnie 陳偉蘭