Dr TSE, Ching Yee, Amelia   謝靜儀
Lecturer II
Centre for Language in Education
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Leung, P.W.P., & Tse, C.Y. A. (2016). Enhancing HKIEd Students' IELTS and General Vocabulary through Incorporating E-Learning into English Enhancement Courses. Hong Kong: LTTC, HKIEd.


Enhancing HKIEd students' IELTS and general vocabulary through incorporating e-learning into English enhancement courses
This Teaching Development Grant project aims at improving students’ vocabulary learning with individual student results documented by the reporting features of WordEngine, a commercial and visually stimulating vocabulary acquisition e-platform. Because vocabulary embedded in a course can encourage the development of good study habits and reflection, students can get personal satisfaction in vocabulary e-learning with WordEngine's recycling activities, gaming, and detailed reports showing vocabul . . .
Project Start Year: 2015, Principal Investigator(s): LEUNG, Pui Wan Pamela 梁佩雲 (TSE CHING YEE, AMELIA 謝靜儀 as Co-Principal Investigator)