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Positive Pedagogy in Practice: Using Wisdom and Knowledge-related Character Strengths to Gain Global Perspectives in Studying Psychology
Project Start Year: 2021, Principal Investigator(s): LAU, Kam Mei Kammy 劉錦美
Positive Pedagogy in Practice: Positivity Flourish by Doing and Learning
The research project aims to 1) adopt a new pedagogy, namely, “Positive Pedagogy”, into teaching and learning; 2) apply relevant concepts of positive psychology (e.g. the 24 strength characters) in pedagogical practices to link theory and practice; and 3) empower students by recognising their strengths through in-class activities, reflections and assignments (e.g. Presentation and written assignment). It is a mixed-method research approach in which both self-reported questionnaires and focus gro . . .
Project Start Year: 2019, Principal Investigator(s): LAU, Kam Mei Kammy 劉錦美
Measuring Students' Well-being across Three Collaborative Positive and Values Education Courses: Creating a Well-being e-Portfolio Using an Integrated Well-being Model
This project aims at measuring students’ well-being with the goals of enhancing their level of well-being and their competence at meeting challenges in their personal and study life as well as in their future work life. This will be achieved by creating a well-being e-portfolio in the Sway system for students selected from three collaborative Positive and Values Education (PAVE) courses across three faculties at EduHK using an integrated well-being model.
Project Start Year: 2018, Principal Investigator(s): CHEN, Junjun 陳君君 (LAU, Kam Mei Kammy 劉錦美 as Co-Investigator)
Digital Pedagogy: Exploring the Effectiveness of Social Media in Teaching and Learning
This project will investigate the effective use of social media in teaching and learning to inform the new digital pedagogy in different student populations (e.g. different program and class size). With these comparisons, it will be able to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen social media being used in teaching and learning. The results will be disseminated to other teaching personnel in the university through capacity building seminar/ workshop, so that they will know what a . . .
Project Start Year: 2017, Principal Investigator(s): LAU, Kam Mei Kammy 劉錦美