Dr QIAO, Shen   喬珅
Research Assistant Professor
Department of English Language Education
Phone No: (852) 2948 7478
Email: sqiao@eduhk.hk
(852) 2948 7478
10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong
Selected Output

Journal Publications
Publication in refereed journal
Qiao, S., Yeung, S. S.-S., Zainuddin, Z., Ng, D. T. K., & Chu, S. K. W. (2022). Examining the effects of mixed and non-digital gamification on students’ learning performance, cognitive engagement and course satisfaction. British Journal of Educational Technology, XX, XX-XX Doi:doi: 10.1111/bjet.13249.
Qiao, S., Chu, S. K. W., Shen, X., Yeung, S. S. (2022). The impact of an online gamified approach embedded with self-regulated learning support on students' reading performance and intrinsic motivation: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning Doi:10.1111/jcal.12684.
Qiao, S., Yeung, S. S., Shen, X., & Chu, S. K. W. (2022). The effects of a gamified morphological awareness intervention on students’ cognitive, motivational and affective outcomes. British Journal of Educational Technology, 53, 952-976 Doi:Doi:10.1111/bjet.13178. .
Yeung, S. S., Qiao, S., Pan, J., & Lin, D. (2022). Directionality and developmental mechanism of cross linguistic transfer in low-proficiency young Chinese learners. Foreign Language Annals, xx, xx-xx Doi:https://doi.org/10.1111/flan.12650.
Leung, J., Ng, T. K., Chu, S. K. W., & Qiao, S. (2021). Developing a Framework for Blended Design-Based Learning in a First-Year Multidisciplinary Design Course.. IEEE Transactions on Education, 65 (2), 210-219
Ng, T. K., Leung, J., Chu, S. K. W., & Qiao, S. (2021). Conceptualizing AI literacy: An exploratory review. Computers & Education: Artificial Intelligence, 2, 1-11
Qiao, S., Liu, Y., Yeung, S. S. (2021). Mechanisms by which morphological awareness contributes to Chinese and English reading comprehension. Journal of Research in Reading, 44, 189-209
Yeung, S. S., Ng, M. L., Qiao, S., & Tsang, A. (2020). Effects of explicit L2 vocabulary instruction on developing kindergarten children’s target and general vocabulary and phonological awareness.. Reading and Writing, 33, 671-689
Yeung, S. S., & Qiao, S. (2019). Developmental trends and precursors of English spelling in Chinese children who learn English-as-a-second language: Comparisons between average and at-risk spellers. . Research in Developmental Disabilities, 93, 103456

Conference Papers


Gamification in Learning English Morphological Awareness among Foreign Language Learners
To test the effects of gamified morphological awareness digital intervention
Project Start Year: 2021, Principal Investigator(s): YEUNG, Siu Sze 楊少詩 (QIAO SHEN 乔珅 as Co-Investigator)
The Effects of Morphological Instruction on English Reading Skills among Hong Kong Chinese Primary Grade Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial Study
To examine the effects of morphological instruction on English reading skills among Hong Kong Chinese primary grade students using RCT
Project Start Year: 2020, Principal Investigator(s): YEUNG, Siu Sze 楊少詩 (QIAO SHEN 乔珅 as Co-Investigator)