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Department of English Language Education
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Scholarly Books, Monographs and Chapters
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Journal Publications
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Exploring Student Feedback Literacy Development through Writing Portfolios
Project Start Year: 2020, Principal Investigator(s): MAK, Wing Wah Pauline 麥詠華
Enhancing Assessment Literacy of Principals, Teachers and Students Through School-university Partnerships
The aim of this project is to develop assessment literacy in formative assessment in EFL writing among principals, teachers and students through school-university partnerships (SUPs) in support of the implementation and sustainability of formative assessment in writing classrooms
Project Start Year: 2019, Principal Investigator(s): MAK, Wing Wah Pauline 麥詠華
Enhancing Student's English Proficiency, Academic Achievement, Critical Thinking and English Learning Motivation through Digital and Traditional Story-telling 通過數字和傳統的故事講述提高學生的英語水平,學業成就,批判性思維和英語學習動機
This research aims at comparing the impact of digital and traditional story-telling methods on students’ English proficiency, academic achievement, critical thinking, and English learning motivation, which will be run through three major events sequentially including storytelling training workshops, digital storytelling programme and storytelling competition among primary school students. The results gathered from observation, focused-group interviews and pre-and post- activity surveys will not . . .
Project Start Year: 2019, Principal Investigator(s): YU, Baohua 喻寶華 (MAK, Wing Wah Pauline 麥詠華 as Co-Principal Investigator)
Focused Written Corrective Feedback in Hong Kong Secondary Classrooms
The aim of the study is to investigate the efficacy of focused written corrective feedback (FWCF) in Hong Kong secondary classrooms, and specifically, to identify and evaluate the factors in teachers’ contexts and practices and in learners’motivations and achievements in written accuracy that result from year-long implementation of FWCF in case-study samples.
Project Start Year: 2018, Principal Investigator(s): Icy Lee (MAK, Wing Wah Pauline 麥詠華 as Co-Investigator)
Integrating E-Portfolios in L2 Writing
The study will examine the effectiveness of writing e-portfolios in improving L2 students’ writing abilities, investigate the attitude of teachers and students towards e-portfolios and explore the factors influencing its implementation through a year-long integration of e-portfolios as an assessment innovation in elementary writing classrooms.
Project Start Year: 2018, Principal Investigator(s): MAK, Wing Wah Pauline 麥詠華
Implementing Portfolio Assessment in Writing Classrooms
Project Start Year: 2017, Principal Investigator(s): MAK, Wing Wah Pauline 麥詠華
Understanding the Nature and Impact of Teacher and Peer Feedback on Student Translations in Chinese EFL Context: A Multiple Case Study
This project aims to investigate how EFL teachers and learners give feedback in translation classrooms, and how teacher and peer feedback impacts student revisions of translations and the quality of translated texts. This study has potential to provide insights into research on both feedback and translations and shed light on the way effective feedback strategies and practices can be implemented in translation classrooms in EFL contexts.
Project Start Year: 2017, Principal Investigator(s): Yu Shulin (MAK, Wing Wah Pauline 麥詠華 as Co-Investigator)