Dr AULD, Euan Douglas   
Assistant Professor
Department of International Education
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Scholarly Books, Monographs and Chapters
Silova, I., Rappleye, J. & Auld, E. (2020). Beyond the Western Horizon: Rethinking Education, Values, and Policy Transfer. Fan, G & Popkewitz, T., Handbook of Education Policy Studies (3-29). Singapore: Springer.
Auld, E., & You, Y. (2019). Brave new world(s): Governing clouds, smart schools, and the rise of AIEd. Jules, T. D. & Salajan, F. D., The educational intelligent economy: Big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things in education (233-249). United Kingdom: Emerald Publishing.
Auld, E. & Morris, P. (2019). The OECD's Measure of Global Competence: Measuring and Making Global Elites. Engel, L., Maxwell, C, & Yemeni, M., The Machinery of School Internationalisation in Action: Beyond the established boundaries (17-35). New York: Routledge.

Journal Publications
Auld, E., & Morris, P. (2021). A NeverEnding Story: Tracing the OECD's Evolving Narratives within a Global Development Complex. Globalisation, Societies and Education, 19(2), 183-197.
Auld, E., Li, X., & Morris, P. (2020). Piloting PISA for Development to Success: An Analysis of its Findings, Framework and Recommendations (doi: https://doi.org/10.1080/03057925.2020.1852914). Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, retrieved from https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/03057925.2020.1852914, online publication, online.
Li, Xiaomin & Auld, E. (2020). A Historical Perspective on the OECD's 'humanitarian turn': PISA for Development and the Learning Framework 2030. Comparative Education, online first, 1-19.
Silova, I., & Auld, E. (2020). Acrobats, phantoms, and fools: Animating comparative education cartographies. Comparative Education, 56(1), 20-38.
Auld, E.D., & Morris, P. (2019). Science by Streetlight and the OECD’s Measure of Global Competence: A New Yardstick for Internationalisation?. Policy Futures in Education, 17(6), 677-689.
Auld, E.D., & Morris, P. (2019). The OECD and IELS: Redefining Early Childhood Education for the 21st Century. Policy Futures in Education, 17(1), 11-26.
Auld, E.D., Rappleye, J., & Morris, P. (2018). PISA for Development: How the OECD and World Bank Shaped Education Governance Post 2015. Comparative Education, 55(2), 197-219.
Auld, E., & Morris, P. (2016). PISA, policy and persuasion: translating complex conditions into education 'best practice'. Comparative Education, 52(2), 202-229.
Auld, E., & Morris, P. (2014). Comparative education, the 'New Paradigm' and policy borrowing: Constructing knowledge for educational reform. Comparative Education, 50(2), 129-155.

All Other Outputs
Auld, E. (2020). Review of the book The world yearbook of education 2019: Comparative methodology in the era of big data and global networks, edited by Radhika Gorur, Sam Sellar and Gita Steiner-Khamsi. United Kingdom: Comparative Education.
Auld, E. (2020). [Review of the Media Essay: Waste Tide: The Haunted Shadowlands of Industry 4.0, Media Review Essay, Waste Tide by Chen Qiufan, Translated by Ken Liu, London: Head of Zeus, 2019]. Comparative Education Review.


Campus Culture, Student Leaders and Social Movements: Towards Educational Strategies for Re-Establishing and Sustaining Communication (校園文化、學生領袖與社會運動︰邁向重構和維繫溝通的教育策略)
Project Start Year: 2020, Principal Investigator(s): AULD, Euan Douglas
Toward a Hong Kong Centre for the Study of Education Futures
Project Start Year: 2020, Principal Investigator(s): AULD, Euan Douglas