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Saltmarsh, S., Ayre, K., & Tualaulelei, E. (2021). Schools, Separating Parents and Family Violence: A Case Study of the Coercion of Organisational Networks (doi: Critical Studies in Education, retrieved from, online publication, 1-18.
Saltmarsha, S.,Tualaulelei, E., & Ayre, K. (2021). ‘A Damn Sight More Sensitivity’: Gender and Parent-school Engagement During Post-separation Family Transitions (doi: Gender and Education, retrieved from, Online publication, 1-16.
Fanshawe, M., Saltmarsh, S., & Larsen, E. (2021). Learning and Exploring Teacher Identity: Preparing for Teaching in the Partners in Literacy and Numeracy (PLaN) Programme (doi: Asia Pacific Journal of Education, retrieved from, online publication, 1-15.
Saltmarsh, S., Tualaulelei, E., & Ayre, K. (2020). ‘I’m Trying to Tell You This Man is Dangerous… And No One’s Listening’: Family Violence, Parent-school Engagement and School Complicity. The Australian Educational Researcher, 48, 771-794.
Chowdhury, T. R., Chakrabarty, S., Rakib, M., Afrin, S., Saltmarsh, S., & Winn, S. (2020). Factors Associated with Stunting and Wasting in Children under 2 years in Bangladesh. Heliyon, 6(9), e04849.
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Tanwi, T. S., Chakrabarty, S., Hasanuzzaman, S., Saltmarsh, S., & Winn, S. (2019). Socioeconomic correlates of overweight and obesity among ever-married urban women in Bangladesh. BMC Public Health, 19(842), 1-7.


Childhood, Cooperation & Conflict: Exploring the Role of Cooperation and Conflict in Children’s Texts, Play and Peer Relations, and Implications for Social Competence and Social Cohesion
This study is concerned with cooperation and conflict in children’s texts, play and peer relations, with a view to better understanding how social cohesion begins to take shape during early childhood. The research will analyse cultural texts such as children’s picture books with thematic concerns about cooperation and conflict, and will also undertake visual ethnographies in early childhood settings in Hong Kong and Australia
Project Start Year: 2021, Principal Investigator(s): SALTMARSH, Sue Okerson
Childhood, Schooling and Challenging Family Circumstances: Experiences and Perspectives on Supporting Children and Engaging with Parents in Times of Family Crisis
The project explores how challenging family circumstances such as parental separation, divorce and family violence impact on parent-school engagement, parental support-seeking from schools, and parental advocacy on behalf of children. The study will identify challenges for schools, and organizational practices that make the most difference to parents and children, and will lead to better understandings of how preschools and schools can best support children and parents during periods of family c . . .
Project Start Year: 2021, Principal Investigator(s): SALTMARSH, Sue Okerson