Prof OLEKSIYENKO, Anatoly    教授
Department of International Education
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10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong
Personal Profile

Anatoly Oleksiyenko is Professor of International Higher Education at the Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). His research focuses on the challenges of globalisation in higher education and transformations of universities in the 21stcentury. His publications address the dilemmas of agency of internationalization in higher education, complexity of governance, and ethics of leadership in neoliberal universities. He is a leading scholar on the challenges of organizational change in post-soviet higher education. His paper “On the Shoulders of Giants? Global science, resource asymmetries, and repositioning of research universities in China and Russia” (Comparative Education Review) received CIES-HESIG’s Best Article Award in 2016, and his book Global Mobility and Higher Learning (Routledge) won the Best Book Award from CIES’ SIG International Students and Study Abroad in 2019. Professor Oleksiyenko holds a PhD in Higher Education from OISE-University of Toronto.

Research Outputs

Scholarly Books, Monographs and Chapters
Oleksiyenko, A. (2023). From the Revolution of Dignity to a Revolution of Academic Excellence? Paths Taken and Not Taken in Ukraine. Postiglione, G.A., Johnstone, C., Teter, W. (Eds.), Handbook of Education Policy (51-67). UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Journal Publications
Oleksiyenko, A., Shchepetylnykova, I., & Furiv, U. (2023). Internationalization of higher education in tumultuous times: Transformative powers and problems in embattled Ukraine. Higher Education Research and Development, 42 (5), 1103-118.
Oleksiyenko, A. and Ros, V. (2023). Human agency and legacy-innovation tensions in the internationalization of higher education: Re-orientations managed by internationally-educated scholars of Central Asia. International Journal of Educational Development, 97 Doi:10.1016/j.ijedudev.2022.102716.
Oleksiyenko, A. (2023). De-Sovietisation of Georgian higher education: deconstructing unfreedom. Quality in Higher Education, 29 (1), 6-22.
Oleksiyenko, A. & Liu, J. (2022). Internationalization of higher education in the Greater Bay Area: The role of world-class universities and regional innovation. Journal of Higher Education Policy And Leadership Studies, 3(4), 50-64.
Oleksiyenko, A.; Mendoza, P.; Cárdenas Riaño, F.E.; Dwivedi, O.P.; Kabir, A.; Kuzhabekova, A.; Charles, M.; Ros, V.; Shchepetylnykova, I. (2022). Global crisis management and higher education: Agency and coupling in the context of wicked COVID-19 problems. Higher Education Quarterly, 77(2), 356-374.
Marini, G. & Oleksiyenko, A. (2022). Academic freedom in the re-imagined post-Humboldtian Europe. Higher Education Quarterly, 76(3), 513-520.
Oleksiyenko, A. (2022). Ukrainian academics in the times of war. Academic Praxis, 2, 19-26. version

Conference Papers
Oleksiyenko, A. (2023, June). The Challenges of Desovietization and Intellectual Leadership in the Post-Soviet Space of Higher Education. The 5th Annual Philosophy and Theory of Higher Education Society (PaTHES) Conference: “Solidarity and University”. PaTHES, University of Gdansk, Poland.
Oleksiyenko, A. (2023, May). Geopolitical Agenda in the Internationalisation of Post-Soviet Higher Education. (Highlighted Panel – Congress Open Event).. Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for Studies in Higher Education/ Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences., York University, Toronto, Canada.
Oleksiyenko, A. (2023, March). World Class Universities and International Student Mobility in Hong Kong Keynote Presentation. The international conference “Ranking Systems: an Inquest Towards a World-Class University”, held by the Center for International Scientific Studies and Cooperation (Ministry of Science, Research and Technology), Tehran, Iran.
Oleksiyenko, A. (2022, November). Critical Thinking and Learning in Post-Pandemic Schools and Colleges. Presentation at the Invited Panel “Differentiated Education” at the 2nd Istanbul Education Summit.. Turkiye Maarif Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey.
Oleksiyenko, A. (2022, November). Reimagining intellectual leadership in post-Soviet higher education. Global Public Seminars, Comparative and International Education, Oxford University, UK.
Oleksiyenko, A. (2022, September). Academic Freedom Challenges in Ukraine. Annual Conference of the European Consortium of Political Research. ECPR, University of Innsbruck, Austria.
Oleksiyenko, A. (2022, September). Global crisis management in higher education. Paper presented at 34th Annual Conference of the Consortium of Higher Education Researchers, University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

All Other Outputs
Oleksiyenko, A. (hosting Allen, R.; Bakhrushyn, V.; Bosio, E.; Chankseliani, M.; Grimm, A.; Khalavka, Y.; Macfarlane, B.; Nikolaiev, Y.; R'boul, H.; Shahjahan, R.; Zhuk, M. (2022). International Higher Education @ EdUHK (Podcast). Hong Kong
Oleksiyenko, A. (2022). War and education in Ukraine. UCL: FreshEd (Podcast Hosted by Dr. Will Brehm, UCL). version


Reconceptualising East-West Dilemmas in Higher Learning: Geopolitics of Knowledge Production in Central and Eastern Europe
This research project aims at reconceptualising the dilemmas of East-West tensions and synergies as interpreted in the contemporary geopolitical studies of international higher education. By examining these dilemmas in comparative terms within Central and Eastern Europe (Croatia, Czechia, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine), the study will help university policy-makers, researchers and teachers in the field achieve a more profound understanding and developmental perspective on reorientations and challenges in cross-border partnerships and programs that seek to integrate and reconcile ideas, values, and practices from the East and the West.
Project Start Year: 2023, Principal Investigator(s): OLEKSIYENKO, Anatoliy V
Re-imagining Intellectual Leadership in Post-Soviet Higher Education
The project aims at: 1) re-examining intellectual leadership in the post-Soviet context of higher education and explore challenges experienced by young scholars in joining the global networks of science and innovation; 2) conceptualizing how intellectual leadership relates to the current practice of institutional leadership and administration, and how various epistemological communities shape academic leadership roles through knowledge production, boundary transgression, academic citizenship and public intellectualism in post-Soviet universities; 3) enhancing a cross-cultural discourse on capacity-building for intellectual leadership in the transformative systems of higher learning and academic science.
Project Start Year: 2020, Principal Investigator(s): OLEKSIYENKO, Anatoliy V
Prizes and awards

Visiting Professor

Date of receipt: 25/4/2023, Conferred by: Eastern European University, Tbilisi, Georgia
Honorary Professor

Date of receipt: 1/9/2022, Conferred by: The University of Hong Kong
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