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Department of International Education
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Scholarly Books, Monographs and Chapters
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Journal Publications
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South-East Interculturality in Internationalized Higher Education: Acculturation and Alternative Experiences within Student Mobilities
African students’ acculturation is a fundamental aspect of interculturality within student mobility. Examining students’ acculturation may illuminate the communicative, behavioral and psychological struggles that these students may face in processing, navigating and making sense of their experiences. In fact, South-East interculturality may not be conditioned by the same linguistic, cultural and epistemic hierarchies sustained by power imbalances in the South-North movement. Yet, this does not negate the very possibility of recycling the same essentialist and power-laden understandings of students as subjects with geopolitical locations situated at the lower spectrum of power inequalities. For acculturation to take place, these power asymmetries are fundamental in forming one’s perception of the other’s culture and to what extent they are likely to embrace it. This means that hierarchies among cultures render acculturation as a process of adopting more modern, attractive and status-bearing cultural formations. This research, thus, aims to:
A. Unravel the intercultural implications of African students population as an emergent student migration pattern that has been the concern of relatively little empirical research
B. Examine the cultural and psychological transformations of African international students in China; these changes are hoped to develop critical readings into the linguistic, cultural and epistemic hierarchies within South-East interculturality through student mobility.
C. Develop a novel framework for international student mobility that interweaves analyses into interculturality, internationalization of higher education, socioeconomic capital and power asymmetries.
D. Probe into Africa-Asia movements as non-popular mobilities within internationalized higher education including their rationales, objectives and complexities.
E. Better understand African students’ navigation of their educational experiences as they intersect with the broader sociocultural

Project Start Year: 2023, Principal Investigator(s): R'BOUL, Hamza