Ms LEE, Yuen Man Anna    李婉雯 女士
Lecturer I
Centre for Language in Education
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10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong

The Online Self-learning Package on Workplace Chinese Communication
The Project aims at developing students' independent language capabilities in Chinese as well as professional and positive attitudes through the development of a self-access learning package on professional writing and speaking for the workplace, in order to strengthen their competence in the job market.
Project Start Year: 2018, Principal Investigator(s): KWONG, Oi Ping, TSE, Chun Yip (LEE, Yuen Man as Co-Investigator)

The Online Self-Learning Package on Chinese Idioms
This project's objective is to develop an online self-learning package on Chinese idioms so as to enhance students' Chinese language competence as well as develop their knowledge and appreciation of their cultural heritage.
Project Start Year: 2017, Principal Investigator(s): TSE, Chun Yip (LEE, Yuen Man as Co-Investigator)

Interactive Online Self-access Learning Package for 'Chinese Writing Skills'
The project aims to convert the paper-based self-access learning materials to interactive online learning materials. This could help to develop students' learner autonomy toward strengthening their Chinese writing.
Project Start Year: 2013, Principal Investigator(s): POON HON FONG, CONNIE 潘漢芳 (LEE, Yuen Man Anna 李婉雯 as Co-Investigator)

Project Start Year: 2009, Principal Investigator(s): LEE, Kwai Sang 李貴生 (LEE, Yuen Man Anna 李婉雯 as Co-Investigator)

Cantonese as a Second Language: Learning, Teaching and Assessment 廣州話:學習、教學與評估
The project developed two modules of teaching and learning materials on Cantonese as a second dialect (30-hour each) aiming to address study and communication needs of Mainland students through courses on Cantonese for Literate Speakers of Other Chinese Dialects; and to enhance students’ Cantonese competence and Hong Kong culture knowledge through learning Cantonese as a second dialect.
Project Start Year: 2008, Principal Investigator(s): LEUNG, Wai Ha 梁慧霞 (LEE, Yuen Man Anna 李婉雯 as Co-Investigator)

中小學口語溝通的評量研究及發展 Assessment Research on Chinese Oral Communication in Schools
Project Start Year: 2007, Principal Investigator(s): FUNG Shu Fun (LEE Yuen Man as Co-Investigator)