Dr TAYLOR, Timothy William   
Associate Head / Senior Lecturer I
Department of English Language Education
Phone No: (852) 2948 7228
Email: ttaylor@eduhk.hk
(852) 2948 7228

Scaling-up Innovation in English Teaching with I.T.: Promoting Web-based Teacher Training, Exemplars, Research, and a Social Networking Platform for Increasing and Improving Technology-enhanced English Teaching in H.K. and Asia
The project is creating a nexus of support for English teachers in Hong Kong and around the world who enhance English language teaching with cutting-edge technology. The focal point of the initiative is the ELE web-based training platform http://eTeachers.Online, which brings together innovative teachers, research-based evidence, classroom-based exemplars and technology-enhanced training to create a shared learning community for both pre-service and in-service English teachers
Project Start Year: 2020, Principal Investigator(s): TAYLOR, Timothy William
Assessment and Standardization of English Language Teaching Field Experience
The primary objective is to achieve measurably improved standardization within the English Department in the assessment of field experience. The project will develop a staff training program, with explicit standardisation criteria and training resources.
Project Start Year: 2008, Principal Investigator(s): TAYLOR Timothy William
English Department's Special Initiatives for Strategic Development on Outcome-Based Learning
This project aims to develop a framework for the implementation of Outcomes Based Learning in the English Department. Different sets of learning outcomes will be designed: Programme Learning Outcomes, English Subject Learning Outcomes, Module Intended Learning Outcomes, etc. Assessment task and criteria will be revisited and revised so as to align with the learning outcomes. OBL will be piloted in a number of BEd(EL) modules in the 2009-10 academic year.
Project Start Year: 2008, Principal Investigator(s): WANG, Lixun 王立勛 (TAYLOR, Timothy William as Co-Investigator)
Online Teaching and Learning Resources Development for the Introduction to Language Studies Module
This project aims to develop online teaching and learning resources to assist the teaching of the Introduction to Language Studies module in 2008-09. Various online teaching resources such as online readings, multimedia resources, online quizzes, and online wikibooks will be developed to facilitate the teaching and learning of the module. The resources will be available for both students and staff in the English Department.
Project Start Year: 2008, Principal Investigator(s): WANG, Lixun 王立勛 (TAYLOR, Timothy William as Co-Investigator)
Developing School-based English Language Curriculum with the Use of Learning Studies
To study how teachers can be empowered to develop school-based curriculum through the Learning study.
Project Start Year: 2007, Principal Investigator(s): LO-FU Yin Wah Priscilla (TAYLOR Timothy William as Co-Investigator)
Language, Culture, Professional Development: Student Perceptions of Key Influences on Study Abroad
The proposed research aims to explore all aspects of the overseas experience focusing on students’ expectations and experiences and the impact of the programme on language skills, inter-cultural competences and pedagogical understandings. The study involves all f/t BEd English major students participating in the 2007 overseas programs and provides for both and overview of the total student experience and a series of tightly- focused studies of particular aspects of language immersion which draw . . .
Project Start Year: 2007, Principal Investigator(s): HOARE Philip (TAYLOR Timothy William as Co-Investigator)
Promoting Assessment for Learning among the English Major Students
The main aim of the project is to promote self and peer assessment, and critical reflection among the BEd and BA English Major students to enhance self-regulated learning, and understanding and practice of learning-oriented assessment. Lecturers involved will develop and agree on the skills for students' self and peer assessment that form the core of the study. Students will be engaged actively, and significantly, in assessing their learning through scaffolded, systematic reflection. Opportun . . .
Project Start Year: 2007, Principal Investigator(s): TONG, Siu Yin Annie 湯小燕 (TAYLOR, Timothy William as Co-Investigator)