Dr CHAN-TAM, Mei Ngan Tammy   陳譚美顏
Senior Lecturer II
Department of Early Childhood Education
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Conference Papers
Tam, M.N., & Lung, C.L. (2010, December). Self transformation of lived experiences to social strategies in adapting and adjusting to teaching enviornment of beginning teachers. The 2 nd East Asian International Conference on Teacher Education Research, Hong Kong.
Chan, P.L., Tam, M.N. and Mau, Y. C. (2010, July). The value of Early Childhood Education after three decades. The 17th International Conference on Learning, Hong Kong.
Tam, M.N. (2010, July). An experience of changing the learning environment of a Hong Kong kindergarten. The 17th International Conference on Learning, Hong Kong.
Chan, P. L., & Tam, M. N. (2009, December). Using Imagination as teaching tool. Paper presented ar the World Association of Lesson Studies International Conference 2009, Hong Kong.

All Other Outputs
TAM, M.N. (2013). Emotions and emotional experiences: A case study in Hong Kong. Germany: Scholar's Press.
Lung, C. L.(2010):" 班主任的角色與功能﹕在學校層面輔導學生成長"。
Lung, Ching Leung(2010):" 班主任的角色與功能﹕在個人及班級層面輔導學生成長 "。
Song, H. (2010). Early Childhood Education and care Policy in the Republic of Korea. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Journal of Early Childhood 香港幼兒學報.
Tam, M. N. T (2008). Reviewer of a journal article, A study on enhancing children's understanding of source books by information search, Hong Kong Journal of Early Childhood.


The Path of Hong Kong Early Childhood Education Development: Investigating the Narratives of the Practitioners from 60's to 90's
To help students to appreciate the process of ECE development and to learn from the past, it is very essential to offer various resources to allow students to identify different perspectives and points of views. Nevertheless, it seems that the present teaching materials are mainly reports and critical journals and we have neglected the stories from our local ECE educators whom have made significant contributions to our profession. Their stories can convey moral and practical lessons about how to . . .
Project Start Year: 2009, Principal Investigator(s): CHAN, Po Lin 陳寶蓮 (CHAN-TAM, Mei Ngan Tammy 陳譚美顏 as Co-Investigator)
Parental Stress – A Comparison between Primary School Parents and Kindergarten Parents
The aim of this study is to investigate how parental stress may relate to social expectation of a good parent. Moreover, it is anticipated that these social expectations on parenting kindergarten children and primary school may vary due to the different school demands and children’s developmental characteristics. There are few data on comparing parenting stress between parents with preschool children and primary school children. The parent study aims to examine preschool and primary school paren . . .
Project Start Year: 2008, Principal Investigator(s): CHAN-TAM Mei Ngan Tammy