Ms WOO, Yuen Shan    胡婉姍 女士
Senior Lecturer II
Department of Early Childhood Education
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10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong
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Scholarly Books, Monographs and Chapters
Chapter in an edited book (author)
胡婉姍 (2012)。 (面對新環境)。輯於黃敏編, 《比比和朋友之旅-- 香港》 (93-103)。香港: 香港教育學院。。
胡婉姍 (2006)。 走向自我完善。 輯於黃艾珍、李輝及容燕文編《從自我評估邁向自我完善》 (頁109-120)。香港: 朗文香港教育。
吳美莉、阮麗霞和胡婉姍 (2003)。 協作篇。黃蕙吟、鄭美蓮, 輯於黃蕙吟、鄭美蓮編《幼兒教育之旅》 (235-263)。Hong Kong: 香港,教育出版社。
Edited book (editor)
李大拔、何敏、梁翠儀、孫瑩蓓、陳覺思、胡婉姍、陳莉莉、陳美嫦、馬小慧、梁玉蘭、盧婉兒及蘇淑蓮〈編〉 (2007)。 《幼稚園獎勵計劃──學前健康教育課程系列》。香港: 香港中文大學醫學院公共衛生學院、健康教育及促進健康中心及香港教育學院教育專業及幼兒教育學院幼兒教育學系。

Journal Publications
Publication in refereed journal
Li, Y. L. J., Leung, C. H., Woo, Y. S., & Lau, P. L. B. (2010). Fostering and assessing young children's moral and social development: Enhancing early childhood organizations' knowledge of implementing program innovations. Hong Kong Journal of Early Childhood, 9(1), pp. 79-81.
黃敏、胡婉姍 (2006)。 小一適應問題:焦慮、壓力與應對方法。 香港幼兒學報,5(1),頁39-45。

Conference Papers
Refereed conference paper
Wong, K.S., Woo, Y.S., Mou, W. P., Ng, K.W., & Yuen, S.Y. (2021, December). Integration of authentic and virtual learning environments for teaching. Learning and Teaching Expo 2021, Hong Kong.

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Other outputs
Woo, Y. S. (2006). Project District Advisor of QEF Project "Capability Building for Pre-school Children: Health Promoting Kindergarten", Hong Kong.
鄺李慧儀、陳莉莉、杜陳聲珮和胡婉姍 (2000)。 《童書朗讀學前兒童閱讀能力發展計劃》(以錄像帶及小冊子格式)。香港: 優質教育基金。


Promoting digital evidence-based reflections in teaching practicum by using iPads for early childhood students teachers
200 pre-service student teachers, 20 supervisors and 60 preschools were invited to participate. Supervisors used iPads to capture relevant teaching moments in digitalized forms to stimulate students' reflective thinking during post-teaching conferences.
Project Start Year: 2016, Principal Investigator(s): WONG YAU HO, PAUL 黃有豪, CHUNG, Lai Ping Ellie 鍾麗萍 (WOO, Yuen Shan 胡婉姍 as Co-Investigator)
Using IPad to promote evidence-based reflection of pre-service student teachers
The project is to promote evidence-based reflective practice among pre-service students by providing evidence-informed teaching supervision through the use of i-pad. It is believed that student teachers' on-going professional development can be achieved in the form of teaching supervisions and reflective consultations(Watson & Gatti, 2012). This project adopts the use of i-pad and relevant applications to allow teaching practice supervisors to capture teaching moments in digital forms which can enrich the discussion and reflection in post teaching conferences with the shared perspectives from supervisors and students.
Project Start Year: 2014, Principal Investigator(s): CHAN, Po Lin 陳寶蓮 (WOO, Yuen Shan 胡婉姍 as Co-Investigator)
Zippy's Friends Programme in Kindergarten in Hong Kong
Zippiy's Friends (ZF) is an international programme designed to promote young children's emotional and social competence. With sponsorship from Hong Kong Bank Foundation, in 2011 a total of 240 teachers from 120 kindergartens has been trained trained to run the programme and 17,000 young children and parents have been benefited from the programme. Based on our study on children particating in Zippy's Friends Project, we will publish a book to share our experience from Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai in 2011-12. This book will provide useful resources for students and teacher in Hong Kong.
Project Start Year: 2009, Principal Investigator(s): WONG, Mun Amanda 黃敏 (WOO, Yuen Shan 胡婉姍 as Co-Investigator)
Fostering and Assessing Young Children's Moral and Social Development: Enhancing Early Childhood Organizations' Knowledge of Implementing and Evaluating Program Innovations
The project is a teacher development project. The goal is to enhance the learning and teaching of the key learning area “Self and Society” in the formal pre-primary curriculum. The objectives are: (i) to enhance social, moral and civic education in the “Self and Society” domain by setting goals and objectives; (ii) to develop and try out learning activities that help young children develop moral and social abilities and skills in all aspects of life; (iii) to equip teachers with knowledge and skills for implementing and assessing children’s learning in the domain of “Self and Society”. The project will have benefits to 1000 young children in 10 preschools.
Project Start Year: 2009, Principal Investigator(s): LI, Yuen Ling Joyce 李婉玲 (WOO, Yuen Shan 胡婉姍 as Co-Investigator)
Zippy's Friends Programme in Kindergarten and Primary Schools in Hong Kong (2005-2009)
It teaches children how to cope with everyday difficulties, to talk about their feelings and explore ways of dealing with them, and to help other people with their problem. Up to now, a total number of 149 primary schools and 400 kindergartens have participated in the project. 1,374 teachers were trained to run the ZF program. A total of 21,017 kindergarten children and 9,621 Primary One children have benefited from Zippy's Friends' Program with enhanced emotional and social competence. The Zippy's Website was launched in 2005-6 in order to provide further professional support for teachers and parents.The Hong Kong Bank Foundations has contributed 2,885,000 to support the Hong Kong Institute of Education in introducting Zippy's Friends' Programme from 2006-2009. (Zippy Friends Phase 2). This programme teaches children how to cope with everyday difficulties, to talk about this feelings and explore suitable coping strategies. Zippy's Friends members are responsible for training teaches (kindergarten and primary) to implement the programme at school and evaluate the effect of the programme on children's development.
Project Start Year: 2006, Principal Investigator(s): WONG Mun, Amanda (WOO Yuen Shan as Co-Investigator)
Operational and Integrated Mathematical Learning in Preschools 學前數學操作式和多元式
Experimenting opertional and integrated mathematical learning in kindergartens and preschools and settings across age groups from 4-6 (K1 to K3) and different regions in Hong Kong.
Project Start Year: 2006, Principal Investigator(s): CHENG Zi Juan (WOO Yuen Shan as Co-Investigator)
Capacity Building for Pre-school Children: Health Promoting Kindergarten
100 Kindergartens in HK City were recruited to join the project in order to promote health for Teachers, Curriculums, Childcare Workers and the Whole Kindergarten as well. 10 district health advisors of preschool academics have been trained for this project. There are 30 kindergartens as awarded to be the healthy kindergartens in HK.
Project Start Year: 2005, Principal Investigator(s): LEE Albert (WOO Yuen Shan as Others)