Miss KEUNG, Shuet   姜雪
Senior Lecturer II
Centre for Language in Education
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Instructional Materials Design for the Course “Chinese (Putonghua) for International and Non-Chinese-Speaking (NCS) Students
One of the strategic areas of the University is “internationalisation”, aiming to help students enhance global perspectives and knowledge so that they are well prepared for the challenges in their professional fields and the community. To develop this area, the University has adopted many specific strategies, such as “internationalizing campus and promoting student integration”. It is certain that in the near future many NCS students will be recruited to undergraduate and postgraduate programme . . .
Project Start Year: 2019, Principal Investigator(s): KEUNG, Shuet 姜雪, LIN, Yanyan Catherine 林雁雁
Development Plan of the Language Proficiency Assessment for teacher (Putonghua) Online Self-access Training Materials
This project is aimed at developing a package of online self-access training materials for the language proficiency assessment for teachers(HKEAA's LPATP). The target students are IE'd full- time students majoring in Chinese and Putonghua, and students of majoring in other subject.
Project Start Year: 2010, Principal Investigator(s): LAU, Wai 劉慧 (KEUNG, Shuet 姜雪 as Co-Investigator)
Using the Local/Regional Language as the Language of Internationalization: The Case of Cantonese and Putonghua in Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, internationalization is high on local universities' agenda of development. In additional to enhancing intercultural understanding and fostering cross-fertilization of ideas through various kinds of exchange programmes, the presence of students and academics from other parts of the world is seen as one effective way to create a more natural English-speaking environment. The growing presence of an increasing number of students and academics in different 'university communities' in Ho . . .
Project Start Year: 2009, Principal Investigator(s): LI, Chor Shing David 李楚成 (KEUNG, Shuet 姜雪 as Co-Investigator)
Development of Training Materials and Test Papers for the Language Proficiency Assessment (Putonghua)
本計劃是對香港考評局新的語文能力評核﹝普通話﹞測試 (HKEAA now LPATP)發展的一套訓練教材及試卷,完善學院原有的語文能力評核﹝普通話﹞離校試 (CLE LPATP)及語言訓練課程。教材使用對象為香港教育學院全日制修修讀中文及普通話的三年級及PGDE學員。
Project Start Year: 2008, Principal Investigator(s): LAU Wai (KEUNG Shuet as Co-Investigator)
The Development of the Databank, Exercises and Teaching Designs of the Lexical Difference between Putonghua and Cantonese 粵普詞匯差異資料庫、詞匯練習及教學設計的發展
This study is based on Modern Chinese Lexicography and the result of the project finished at 2002. We plan to develop the teaching and learning resources of the lexical difference between Putonghua and Cantonese in order to improve the language awareness of pre-service and in service teachers.
Project Start Year: 2006, Principal Investigator(s): KEUNG Shuet